A lump in my throat, a chill down my spine as nostalgia sets in a single thought on my mind. Gone seem the days of hopes and desires, replaced now it seems by a duty that mires. I shake my head; these thoughts are not my own, everything I’ve worked for and done has wrought what I now have here. Happiness now and tad bit of pride should be the thoughts that stir in my mind, instead I get dribble based on past hopes or accomplishments. I wonder to myself where it all went, now don’t misunderstand it’s not a drive or the ambition that drives people into action that I am referring to, nor are they the hopes and dreams of a past self remembered. No, it seems my old thoughts of time always prevailed in my mind because through observation and a decided mind, time is precious to all that exist. Time is something we all could do with just a little bit more of.