There are fewer things in this world more motivating than family, love, or happiness. What are these things that drive people though? Conceptually they are the basic emotions and people in your life that provide the most support to you when you feel like you are at your lowest. Ironically they can be the largest sources that contribute to our greatest pains. For example when I was younger I was angry at my younger brother therefore I told him that I was going to write a scathing journal entry that was going to be about or because of him and that when people read it, they would know what a terrible person he was. We were of course young enough for this to impact him in a way that put him in tears and beg me not to write it only to run from the room when I opened my notebook and began writing. Now despite what I said I am not actually the kind of writer who can plan on how something I write will actually turn out, and for this reason I did in fact begin the first two sentences pointing out characteristic flaws specific to my brother.

In the end though what I had set out to write and what I had actually written were two very different worlds, yes I had written the piece with anger in my heart and malice on my tongue; however I had also noted that my brother was one of the few people who could get me angry enough to drive me to write and therefore prove how much I cared for him. I also remember going on about how being the older brother I would never tolerate anyone treating him the way I occasionally did because I knew I would treat him unkindly from a kind portion of my mind due to our familial ties. I along with a group of my older friends would meet anyone that would pick on him, or treat him unkindly. I use this as an example because it shows that I too am driven by my love for my family and that despite our spats and brief periods of unhappiness we would still come together and defend one another and subsequently bring others together for a common cause.

At our roots I can’t help but note that we are still a tribal minded society with various different ideologies struggling to stay afloat and relevant both within our own communities and our larger nation society as a whole. We all just want to feel apart of something greater than ourselves and that we as individuals also matter in the larger scheme of things. That old familiar feeling of belonging to a family brings thoughts of our love and happiness to bear on everything that we do and drives us to be better versions of ourselves, because at the end of the day we just want to be someone that a younger version of us will look up to and wish to be. For these reasons remember to give a little of yourself to a stranger when the opportunity presents itself, send a smile someone’s way and be open to the idea that we are all here for one another, this world is our home and everyone is connected by a need for love, a desire for happiness and memories of a family we either had, have, or want, I love you unconditionally.