So I have been somewhat neglectful of my poor computer and writing to the point where I feel a bit irresponsible. Now I could use the usual excuses that immediately pop into my mind that people would relate to, but that really isn’t my style. No, I very much prefer to berate myself for having something else that I have failed to accomplish due to my lack of proper time management, minor health issues, and all around sluggishness. So now on to the update! I have a new job bringing health, energy, and luxurious skin care products to those people out there who need it. The catch, we all need it. The magic, it works. When compared to the retail price of all similar products. Perhaps you have heard of it, ItWorks Global independent distributors. Well I wont go too in depth with it because I don’t want to make this an inadvertent advertisement, and that is not why we come here to our little world of make believe or thoughts.

This to me is a place to come with some of my accumulated thoughts where I can try to put them down and allow the potential for a forum of like-minded individuals or groups of people to also share. So I have been preparing for a change in vocation and submitted a few applications that I have been waiting for word back on, in the meantime I have also been preparing for an office inspection that will measure the effectiveness of my management skills, our daily practices, and measuring how well these current programs and procedures will set future managers that will filter through my position up for success.

Now the sickness was just a random bout of body aches and shakes with a minor fever that struck me just after a temporary financial upheaval that was only overcome with the next paycheck. Now I am not the kind of person who generally lives paycheck to paycheck by any means, but this feeling was vaguely familiar with that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I looked at my bank account and saw hundreds of dollars less than I am used to. With that sinking feeling I had to make a difficult decision and cancel plans that I was looking forward to a great deal. To add the maelstrom, my wife and I had a scare when she felt pain in her abdomen and nearly collapsed, something like this would generally be summed up to severe menstrual cramping; however she had just entered into her third trimester of pregnancy so that immediately prompted us to head to the hospital. Graciously it turned out to be Braxton Hicks contractions.

You could say that these things were relatively good reasons to be distracted and not write for some time. I am not of that opinion at all, in fact I believe that some of the best therapy that I could have experienced would have been to step back and recoup within my own head and express some of my frustrations, worries, and feelings about some of the day to day things occurring in rapid sequences that at the time I felt were overwhelming. Only with the power of retrospect now, do I realize the potential opportunity that I may have lost. I hope to remember this hard earned lesson and turn to you the next time. My solace, my retreat, my shield and sword lay in the depths of my written mind, for only with writing does an idea begin to become tangible. It takes mutual minded individuals to feed life into ideas and connectedness.