Sitting here at my desk with headphones in my ears all I think about is the impact something I write could be. These words that may make such an impact; however, escape me. What connection could I possibly make with complete strangers that have such various and inexplicable variations of opinion that I am just another voice in a crowd of people yearning to be heard. At the end of the day I decide to be a quiet voice rather that add to the maelstrom of chaos that seems to be enveloping this still beautiful world of ours. Regardless of where you live or where you call home I believe this, we are all subject to our environment yet we do not have to be victims of it; rather I choose to rise above it all in the name of peace, social justice and actual equality among all men and women of the world. You too; I believe, think along this train of thought. In this stage of our lives where changes seem unprecedented, remember that our forefathers also felt a cold chill and a combination of thrill in their day and age for what is common now was at one point considered new. Keep hope and keep the faith and our sons and daughters will thrive in ways that will inspire us all.

Sitting here reading my work I smile and think to myself “everything will be OK.” I know I will continue living my life in a way that enriches and maybe enhances those around me in a way that will make me proud on my last day, every day.