There are those of us that say they are going to do something, only to end up doing the opposite. Is it intentional? Sometimes the answer is not so clear. I know this though, I start out with the best of intentions before I start something; only to have to reverse my original intent due to more readily available information that I lacked before. Does this make me unreliable? In my opinion, it makes me flexible, capable of an open minded approach that perhaps too many people lack. I am not targeting any specific demographic, just good nature’d well meaning people that set out to do something based on half truths, that will only be made whole once we take up the mantle of a new position or job. I am that well meaning person. I am that flexible, open minded, and malleable individual who sets out on a journey without an obvious end in sight. The true goal, stay true to my beliefs and the things I hold dear, and stay true to those whom I have made promises to. My will is yours, your will is mine, our will be done!