December 2017

A New Adventure

I am stepping into the unknown with my family in tow. We have moved out of our house, sold or given away whatever didn’t fit into our new lifestyle, and we are poised on the edge of the next step of our lives. Yet here we sit. Two weeks, that’s how long we have been poised in the edge of this precipice. Waiting for a signature, waiting for bureaucracy to complete its long slow circle of evolution before it releases its firm grasp on us all.

We bought an R.V. to live in full time. We have been staying nearby in a safe place while our families wait for our imminent departure so that we might spend a holiday with them before we begin our next line of obligations. Work, school, and the basic r.v. 101 newbie learning curve that we will inevitably have to overcome through harsh roads, weather, and probably some people too.

Despite the set backs, and despite the sense of frustration we all feel, I’m truly grateful to those I have chosen to spend my life with, grateful that they too have chosen to spend their lives with me. My amazing oldest son who is getting so much better at speaking with me over the phone, due to the distance we live apart, and my youngest son who has recently just turned a year old this very month. My wife who has reached a major milestone in her own life recently, despite the various challenges she has faced. Everything from seemingly ever shifting schedules, to slow or uncooperative internet connections, we seem to have faced a little of anything that could have happened.

To those few who read my words here, thank you too and happy holidays; whatever they may be.

Yours truly,

Mr. J.


My thoughts on paradise are as follows; paradise is a conception of the very thing that fulfills you and completes you in your own mind. In contrast there is the nightmare, the one thought that terrifies your very being and feels as though it could threaten your existence. For the most part we all live somewhere in the middle. We happily smile at the daylight while quietly weeping into our pillow as we sleep. There are those of us too, whose paradise is the people either in our lives currently or have touched our lives in profound ways but are no longer able to communicate in the physical plane of existence anymore. Again, in contrast, there are those of us whose paradise is the future we hope to build for ourselves and our families. Whatever your definition of paradise, be mindful of others in your journey and allow yourself to be vulnerable at times, and those who mean the most will have paradise in your moment. You too, I believe will also feel paradise within your heart rather than your mind.

Yours truly,

Mr. J.

A Travelers Perspective

I hope this letter finds you well, my family and I are doing well on our trip. We have recently run into a spot of bad weather, but our spirits are still up and we are still enjoying the gifts we received from you at the end of our previous visit. We have met a lot of beautiful people and gone through many lovely experiences this past year, but I fear I am in need of some of your ever positive and wise council. There have also been people I have come across who do not seem to see the wold as I do and when I attempt to enlighten them with my words, they at first recoil, and then they attack as if I had accosted them in a harsh manner to begin with. I admit that I am not in a position to judge what these people could possibly be offended about as I am only trying to help. I would not be writing to you about this if I had not experience this again and again to my astonishment. What can I do to help them? There are so many here that I feel need my help, but they all rebuke my efforts. What is your advice? I look forward to our next correspondence in the near future and again, I wish you well in all of your own efforts.

Yours truly,

Mr. J.

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