My thoughts on paradise are as follows; paradise is a conception of the very thing that fulfills you and completes you in your own mind. In contrast there is the nightmare, the one thought that terrifies your very being and feels as though it could threaten your existence. For the most part we all live somewhere in the middle. We happily smile at the daylight while quietly weeping into our pillow as we sleep. There are those of us too, whose paradise is the people either in our lives currently or have touched our lives in profound ways but are no longer able to communicate in the physical plane of existence anymore. Again, in contrast, there are those of us whose paradise is the future we hope to build for ourselves and our families. Whatever your definition of paradise, be mindful of others in your journey and allow yourself to be vulnerable at times, and those who mean the most will have paradise in your moment. You too, I believe will also feel paradise within your heart rather than your mind.

Yours truly,

Mr. J.